Life was meant for you and your family to spend life enjoying the outdoors.

Land Owners

Meet Jake Klima


Jake is a simple Kansas farm kid who originated from Nebraska but spent most of his growing years in the center of the Sunflower state.

Growing up in a family that instilled the values of hard work, a love of the outdoors, serving others, and a driving faith allowed Jake an opportunity to see there was more to life than the “regular” pattern of this world. (Romans 12:2)

Jake's Vision


Jake’s family value of hard work led him down a career path of finding great business partners who brought him priceless value in all realms of business.

As Jake learned and grew in the areas of business over the years he felt compelled to take that gained business knowledge and apply it in the area of the outdoor business world.   His hope and mission through Cedoga is to help people enjoy the outdoors, connect with an identity outside the pattern of this world and connect to a driving faith.


Not only you that are reading this, but as they say “it all starts at home” and Jake is focused on leading his family first to the same goals.   He’s extremely thankful to his wife of 15+ years, Kris and his three boys for being a beacon of light in his world.

Why Cedoga

Cédoga is the word for Bison from the native american language.

Similar to how a bison runs head on through a storm, at Cédoga, we live life head on.

Cédoga Outdoors was founded in NE Kansas which is the land of origin of the Kansa (Kanza) tribe of Native Americans.

As an avid outdoorsman, I believe life was meant for you and your family to spend life outside and the reason we created Cédoga Outdoors.